Become a proud Patron!

Little big help for animals in our shelter.


A sponsorship as a unique "little - big" help for our shelter so we would be able to take care of animals found in streets. These funds are crucial for us: surviving without them is very difficult. It gives you an amazing feeling because you have done a good deed. Every little help from you all can help enormously.

Our aim is to have at least one Sponsor for every dog and every cat. This way we would be able to secure a quality care for them (food, veterinary treatment and their other needs whilst staying here in the shelter) until they go to their new homes.

By sponsoring you will help mainly our problematic animals. Many of our protégés have been waiting for their new home in the shelter for a very long time. Some need a lot more patience, understanding and experience due to their tragic past. Some animals - so called the unlucky ones, are always invisible to people. It is difficult to place them as they are not youngsters anymore. These are the animals which we would like to support in their sad destiny.

How? By donating regularly monthly fee (5€ or more) or a yearly amount according to your consideration. These donations will help us a lot to finance the necessary operating costs.

Taking up a sponsorship is not connected with any other obligations, it is not limited by date, it can be cancelled at any time upon your request. If your chosen dog or a cat gets adopted or its life comes to an end, you will be, of course, notified. You can then voluntarily decide if your support goes to another animal or not.

Are you interested to became a Sponsor for an animal from our shelter? All you need to do is to choose a dog or a cat from our database. Just click on its picture on Become a Sponsor field and fill in the form. Send your donation and that’s all! Your name will appear under the description of your supported animal :)

With Your donation we can help these animals on their sad life path and provide better conditions for them in their temporary home.

Thank you!