Why and how to adopt?

Adopting a puppy can be exciting. You are choosing a new companion for many years to come...

Our advice...

About adoption

It's a very responsible step to get a new family member. And more importantly, to think carefully ahead whether you have and will create adequate conditions for the animal, get him necessary vet care, quality food, time and love. Animals are not toys, nor they live for a few days, many of them can be here for 15 or more years.
Our database displays all the animals that we currently offer for adoption, along with their description and pictures. The best way to figure whether you're a good fit is to come visit us and take him/her for a walk, it will allow you to get to know their character better. It's not always a matter of you choosing an animal, often they choose you. We'll gladly advise and help you decide as we already know our dogs and cats. We often encourage adoption of older dogs and those that have been with us for a long time, they will surely make a wonderful companion and also deserve to spend the rest of their lives in loving homes.
If you cannot make up your mind, we allow to take a dog/cat to your home for a short period (i.e. a weekend) upon agreement with the chairman of our shelter. Animal's character can show differently in the shelter versus in a new environment.

In case the animal doesn't seem to be adapting well, please contact us. Some adjust just fine pretty much right away, some need more time, you just need to be patient and give them a chance, none of us knows what they'd been through. We're sure that with the right attitude, soon enough you'll get the most loyal friend you've ever gotten. And even if it doesn't work out after some time, it's always possible to bring the animal back to us and we'll continue searching for a more suitable family.

Collar, leash and/or crate. The dog/cat can leave home with you after filling out the necessary forms and paying a respective adoption fee. Only persons above 18 years of age with a valid ID can take over the animal.

Prior to adoption all animals have been treated by vet against worms and fleas, micro-chipped, adults dogs and cats completely vaccinated and spayed/neutered. Puppies and kittens need to be spayed/neutered as soon as reaching adulthood - this obligation is signed by you in the adoption contract and we also check its fulfillment. We reserve the right to random inspections.

Adoption fee depends on veterinary costs of a particular animal, age and gender. More info at utulok@utulok-piestany.sk

Positive relationships to animals, valid ID, min. 18 years old and suitable breeding conditions:
Dogs and cats are social creatures, they need to be in contact with humans. You're responsible for giving them a home, walking, playing, free movement and being in touch with other family members. Under no circumstances dogs are allowed to be isolated at home, in a kennel or on a chain all day long!

Along with the basic needs like quality food, fresh water, a bed where they can rest, you also need to count with vet care. Dogs kept outside need a quality insulated kennel adjusted to their height and weight, protection from various weather conditions (direct sunlight, cold, moisture), daily walks - a yard isn't enough as many people think, they also need to get to know their surroundings, and they also need access to the house.

Dogs kept inside need to be taken for regular walks, to have opportunities to play and have a quiet place to rest. Indoor / outdoor cats also need adequate care and their own spot. Both dogs and cats need regular vet check-ups, mandatory vaccinations, be de-wormed on a regular basis and get their teeth checked as well, etc.

New owners are obliged to ensure that inherent needs required by individual animals will be met.

Animals need to be secured from running and except of the microchip marked by a name/phone tag, so they could be returned home shortly after being found.

If the animal gets sick within 30 days upon adoption, please contact us immediately at +421 904 170 913 and we'll get in touch with the contractual veterinarian. The new owner is also required to inform us in case of loss or death of the animal or address change.

The shelter will provide the new owner all the information about the animal that we have, however we cannot guarantee its temperament, characteristics, health, training etc., as animals were in most cases found abandoned and without knowing anything about their past.

In case intentional leaving has been found out, the shelter will initiate misdemeanor act according to lawful legislation.

Sloboda zvierat regional center Piešťany remains the owner of all animals for 3 months after adoption, re-registration to the new owner is done by our contractual veterinarian. No animal from our shelter can be given away or sold without our prior knowledge! It cannot be used for reproduction in case of puppies/kittens that have not been spayed/neutered yet).

The Piestany Shelter reserves the right to random inspections of all adopted animals at their new home. If we suspect or witness serious breach of adoption conditions, we are allowed by law to take the animal away immediately, even without owner present.

Every new owner gets a valid stub for the payment of the vet costs.

The above conditions become effective upon signing of adoption protocol of both present parties.