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STOP Animal Abuse! Call the Hotline Against Cruelty on Animals

The hotline against cruelty on animals helps animals that have been abused, severely injured, neglected or in other life danger. It's a group of volunteering inspectors who act based on your notification. You can contact the responsible authorities or us directly:


Tel: +421 917 662 030
Operating hours: Mon - Fri: 10 am - 12 pm and 3 pm - 5 pm, Sat: 10 am - 12 pm

Via mail:
SLOBODA ZVIERAT - Linka proti krutosti
Pod Brehmi 1/a
841 03 Bratislava IV - Polianky

Piestany Animal Shelter: +421 904 170 913 /
Piestany City Police: +421 33 772 1626
Animal Ombudsman: +421 948 022 121 /

Regional Veterinary Control (RVPS) Piestany and Hlohovec districts: Zavarska 11, 918 21 Trnava, tel: +421 33 5342 9122

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Dog walks

Dogs are always very excited for walking, they're grateful for contact with people and a change in their daily routine. Dress comfortably and appropriately - we recommend older clothes that you don't mind getting stained or being jumped at which many dogs do from pure joy. If you're younger than 15, please come accompanied by an adult.

We're open as follows:
Monday: Closed - sanitary day
Tuesday - Sunday: 8​.00 am – 4.00 pm
Dog Walking and Visits: 12​.00 pm – 3​.30 pm

Address: Priemyselna 12a, Piestany - near the train station between companies Tavos and Empiria

Dog Walking Rules
1. Dog walking is allowed only at the above mentioned hours, dogs need to be returned before the hours end. We reserve the right to cancel walks in extreme weather such as heat or storms.
2. We will gladly choose a dog suitable for you based on your age and physical strength. Every dog walker takes over responsibility for the dog given in charge and following these rules.
3. Under no circumstances you can let the dog off-leash. It's also necessary to avoid meeting other dogs in order to prevent fighting and getting hurt (both you and/or the dog).
4. Please, don't feed the dogs nor give them any snacks. They get their daily dose of food that is sufficient for their needs and some of them are on diet, different food could hurt them.
5. Only our caretakers are allowed to take dogs out and return them back to the kennel. Leashes are available in our shelter.
6. If you notice any behavior or health changes during the walk (diarrhea, ticks, wound etc.), please report it to the caretakers right upon your return.
7. Excrement needs to be picked up. Poop-bags are available at the shelter.
8. Punishment of dogs is inadmissible!, you need to adjust to dog's pace and character.
9. In case of an accident, injury or dog's escape, immediately call the shelter staff at +421 904 170 913.

Thank you!

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