Our mission

About us

dog Piešťany Animal Shelter was established in 1994 as a reaction to unsatisfactory situation in the town as most stray animals were treated inhumanely or were even put down. We found the status quo unacceptable, surely every creature has the right to live!

Thus we started "fighting" for their rights. We gained the town's support and first sponsors, and started spreading the news to the residents via local media. We started building the shelter and the idea has become a reality.

Our main goal is finding a new and loving home for homeless dogs and cats, as well as educate and accomplish responsible attitude of owners towards their animals. Our biggest dream is that one day there will be no need for shelters like ours.

Our job hasn't been easy, physically or mentally, we face almost unsolvable issues very often. But everyday loyalty and the gratitude of animals and helping hands of all people who want to help just like us, makes it truly worth it...
Join us!